Norwalk Inn and Conference Center
​99 East Ave, Norwalk, CT
September 7-9, 2018 
Fiction Fest 2018

Join us for a day with Dr. Valerie Young

More about Impostor Syndrome:

Do you chalk your success up to luck, timing, or computer error?
Do you believe “If I can do it, anybody can”?
Do you agonize over even the smallest flaws in your work?
Are you crushed by even constructive criticism, seeing it as evidence of your ineptness?
When you do succeed, do you secretly feel like you fooled them again?
Do you worry that it’s just a matter of time before you’re “found out?”

If so join the club!

Millions of people – nurses, engineers, social workers, business owners, managers, students and their professors, programmers – secretly worry they’re not as smart or talented as other people “think” they are.

It’s called the impostor syndrome. And if left unchecked it can lead to costly consequences. It’s also incredibly stressful. Fortunately, there is a cure.

In this interactive session you will:
§  Discover why even highly successful people feel like impostors
§  Identify your personal competence type and how it helps and hurts you
§  Gain insight into how impostor syndrome manifests itself in your school life
§  Explore the role of procrastination
§  Gain practical, immediately usable strategies to help yourself, people you lead, and/or your children to end this unique form of self-doubt

Saturday April 13, 2019
Hilton Garden Inn in Windsor, CT

Early bird:  $159 for CTRWA/CoLoNY/Charter Oak members/$169 non members (September 17, 2018-Feb 1, 2019) --in effect now

Regular:       $169 for CTRWA/CoLoNY/Charter Oak members /$179 non members (Feb 2, 2019-April 5, 2019)

Refunds available less $25 processing fee through April 5. No refunds after April 5, 2019

Are you unable to appreciate your own accomplishments because you're afraid someone will find out you're faking it?

You're not alone.

Internationally known expert on the Impostor Syndrome Dr. Valerie Young offers tools and techniques so you can finally feel as bright and capable as you really are.